About Me

About Me

I am a Theater Artist recently graduated ('19) from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a Dual Degree in Theater (BA) and Psychology (BS). In 2019 I was selected as a Rising Researcher (2019) for my work in Scenic Design.

I grew up in a world of art, my mother is an Art Historian, and I have been surrounded and captivated by Fine Art and Design from a young age. As I've grown up, I have fallen in love with creating theater because it combines fine art with live performance and human experience. I use art to create environments, objects, and moments that combine for accurate and clear storytelling, and that elicit strong emotional reactions from viewers. As I grow through new experiences, I try to bring the essence of artistry into each project.


My focuses are Scenic Design, Drafting, and Props work. I have been given the opportunity to design the sets for three main-stage shows at UMass Amherst as an undergraduate, a task typically only assigned to graduate students. I have also worked on props and painting for many productions over my four years as a student. In addition to my experience at school, I was selected to be the Props and Scenic Paint Intern at Westport Country Playhouse for the summer of 2018. Since my internship, I have worked as Assistant Prop Supervisor  multiple times with Westport, Off-Broadway with NYTW, and with Classical Theater of Harlem.

My love for art and theater is amplified by my excitement for collaboration. I strive to bring positivity, humor, and excitement into every project I am involved in. By working hard, asking the right questions, and keeping a positive point of view, I hope to not only get the job done at a high quality, but to bring an energy that makes the process as positive as the outcome.


I approach every challenge as an opportunity to learn and continue improving. I love facing new challenges and enjoy every chance to meet new collaborators and take on new projects.